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Ecoprinting, stitching, and shaping new life into upcycled cloths and fibers, using plants and natural dye products

fabric reborn

ecoprinted, ecodyed & upcycled

With only heat and water, vibrant colors can be coaxed from the leaves, bark, and roots of plants. The essence of each plant – its unique color or shape – is preserved on the cloth. This process of ecoprinting and dyeing, is botanical alchemy.


featured collection

Silk swirls and floats on the skin, while wool hugs the body and cocoons warmth.

Ecoprinting the leaf’s shape, pigment, and tannin onto cloth, grounds the fabric in place and transforms the cloth into wearable art.

cloth reimagined

tracy flanagan

By reconfiguring these well worn cloths, I tell a new story of connection between place, fiber, and family. Cloths are reborn.


Draping, cutting, and joining fabric is how the women in my life connected. As a child, I learned to sew on my mother’s 1949 Singer black electric machine. I invented reversible jumpers, refashioned dresses, reconfigured home curtains, crocheted wool afghans, and stitched fabrics into quilts. 


Hand marked fabric – worn, and loved – is art that celebrates and heals the body and spirit. After years as a doctor keeping women healthy and delivering babies, now I reshape and rebirth fiber.

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